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Divi Discount

Huge range of functions

Divi discount is a WordPress theme from Elegant Themes that allows users to create modern websites using the visual drag-and-drop Page Builder. Knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, CSS or PHP is not required. It comes with 46 pre-made modules and hundreds of free layout templates.

Each item can be customized. The theme’s range of features is regularly expanded with updates.

Why Divi is the best Page Builder 2020

  • Hundreds of Templates
    138 different layout packs with over 1,000 layouts.
  • All tools for effective marketing
    With Bloom and Monarch, you're on the marketing highway.
  • Realize your ecommerce dream
    Sell unlimited products online.
  • Present your portfolio
    Create beautiful portfolios with endless settings and options.
  • Free Open source images
    Every week you get access to thousands of free photos.

About the Divi Discount

Websites take businesses to the next level. Having the right website for your brand can bring in customers and increase sales. The problem with making a website is that the simplicity of it doesn’t exist. From coding to coloring, many options can overwhelm any designer. Any business owner who has attempted to make their website without help knows how much of a struggle it can be.

At least, that was until Divi by Elegant Themes.

Divi takes that webpage and makes it accessible for anyone. Adjust it to be the best representation of a business. Divi isn’t just a theme. It is a platform that enhances any site and makes it easy to customize. With efficiency and ease, that website can look as though it’s taken hundreds of hours to assemble from scratch. Bumping up that business and curating attention for any company can be done with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Not only it is an easy to use theme / page builder, but there are always discounts and offers to help make your investment feasible. With the new year coming closer, preparing a website for a great start should be a priority. Here are some trade secrets to get that webpage completed in no time.

Why Divi is the best Page Builder of 2020

Divi is easy to use. It allows for customization in every part of the website. From dragging and dropping, to resizing and perfecting. Unlike many other page builders, the page builder is user-friendly and can be explored by even those who are not tech-savvy. Upgrading a business page by using a builder that is without complication can make the whole process simple. The difference between writing code and dropping in a widget can save time and money. The Divi theme is simple to use and looks great.

What Exactly is the Divi Theme?

Unlike most themes on WordPress, Divi isn’t only a design. It’s a complete package. It allows the user to pick and choose parts of their website from the ground up without the frustration over trying to write a code they don’t know or understand. This WordPress page builder provides the user with all of the tools needed for a professional website that looks great and is easy to use. It was created for consumer use by Elegant Themes. It has provided many pages with unique and easy to use abilities that many companies have searched for.

The Divi theme is a WordPress theme designed by Elegant Themes. It’s incredibly versatile and lets you design almost anything imaginable for your site, which is probably why it’s one of Elegant Themes’ most popular products.
Here are just a few of users’ favorite features:

  • Responsive editing
  • Live editing mode
  • Drag and drop building
  • Custom the CSS or HTML of each element
  • True visual editing
  • Redo and undo actions
  • Make revisions

Both advanced and amateur users can find a groove with this product. There’s no requirement to know advanced coding, but more knowledgeable users can certainly implement their skills to meet their website’s needs. If you want to try out the Divi Page Builder, be sure to take advantage of one of the several Divi discount codes available!

What Are the Benefits of Divi?

The Divi Theme comes with many benefits. One of those assets that make this theme so easy to use is that it comes along with real-time editing. Instead of having to save a project and view it from the outside, the Divi theme allows the builder to see what is happening as they edit. The Divi builder has themes to pick from and responsive editing that gives the clear cut image of what the website will look like when it is complete.
Importing and exporting is made easy, organizing is made easy, and being stuck on that loading page is a thing of the past. Divi is made for all skill levels instead of just those who are experienced with making websites.

How Much Does It Cost?

When it comes to purchasing Divi, there are two basic packages that Elegant themes have to offer. The first one is a yearly access price. For $89 for a year, you have complete access to all support you could need. For a one-time price of $250, lifetime access is also an option. Both of these options provide a risk-free guarantee on the off chance that you decide Divi isn’t for you. These prices may seem steep for a single theme, but they also come with the builder that allows for easy customization. Not to mention support for any problems that you may come across.

The cost of this WordPress theme depends on how much of a commitment you want to make. For $89 USD per year, you will be granted access yearly. For $249, you can get lifetime access to this Elegant Themes product.

If you’re unsure if you want to commit to Divi, or if you have a tight budget, then we recommend getting the yearly plan. This way, you can decide if you want to make the investment.

If you know for sure that you want long-term access to Divi, we recommend getting the lifetime plan. In the long run, it’s a much better deal than the yearly plan. The lifetime discount plan, requires only the simple one-time payment. It includes lifetime support and automatic upgrades.

Divi lets you make the switch from the yearly plan to the lifetime discount access plan at any point. Just pay the $160 difference and you’ll have long-term access to the Divi page builder.

With the holidays coming up, it is the best time for that website to be composed. Not only for the increase in sales but because of the deals that Elegant Themes and Divi present for the holiday season. What better start to the new year could there be? With a piece of business so integral, taking advantage of these deals is a must. Here are just a few of the details coming up for the holiday season that needs to be taken advantage of before it’s too late.

Divi Black Friday 2020

Black Friday brings with it a host of deals. Over $1,000,000 in deals await. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two biggest discount days that Elegant Themes have every year. There are even giveaways on the website to help build that dream business. With all of these deals and discounts, taking advantage of them shouldn’t be hesitated on. Upwards of 75% off has been known to graces the sales pages. These discounts only come up once a year, don’t be the one that misses out on the advantages.

How Much Is the Divi Black Friday Discount?

The divi discount for black friday is not released until Black Friday itself. The website itself keeps a countdown until those deals are put up for everyone to enjoy. If you’re already part of Divi, it may even be time to upgrade to a lifetime account and ensure that your site stays active indefinitely.

Regardless, waiting until the Black Friday divi discount and seeing what is being offered is an important part of using Elegant themes and Divi. Saving with Divi on Black Friday or Cyber Monday sounds like the best after Turkey Day use of time.

Are There Any Divi Discount Codes?

Usually, the lifetime access plan will set you back $249. With this plan, you get all of the features that come with the yearly access.

With the Elegant Themes coupon, you can get up to $50 off of the lifetime plan. The yearly plan is also available for $70 per year, as opposed to the normal $80 per year price.

With Black Friday coming up on November 29th, there will likely be a 30% off deal available to you without a coupon code! Stick around and be on the lookout for this great bargain.

What is the Divi Theme Lifetime Discount?

The lifetime access discount makes it so that the Divi theme is only one payment of $199. All of the perks that would come with full price are the website builders to take advantage of by using the lifetime discount. This purchase unlocks all of the features and themes that Elegant Themes have to offer.

What Are Some Other Regular Deals?
There are a lot of Divi promotion codes out there. Depending on when you shop, you may have the chance to use discounts like:

$9-$25 off of the yearly plan.
10-20% off of Divi Theme
Is There a Half-Off Code?
There is some misinformation going around online about a half-off Divi discount code. Unfortunately, there is no deal like that going on right now. Elegant Themes’s Divi product is full of useful features that make it easier than ever to design your site and connect to visitors. This product is well worth the money, and there are some awesome coupons available for it!

How Do I Apply A Divi Discount Code?
To apply a discount code, simply use a Divi voucher, which is a coupon for Divi. Enter this coupon code into the special promotion field when you complete the online checkout process.

What’s the Best Divi Discount Code for Me?
It all depends on what plan you’re getting. Weigh the needs of your website and the current coupon codes available to make the most financially-sound decision possible.
If you’re unsure if you want to explore Divi for yourself, check out our guide below to learn more about how this WordPress theme can benefit you and your business!

Elegant Themes Coupon Code

The coupon is for more than just the Divi theme. These coupon codes can be used for many other options as well. While Divi is the most popular of the themes because of how user-friendly it is, many of the other themes provide great options for websites as well. The coupon codes will help to lower the price on a website that is the perfect fit.

Alongside the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, there are other rewarding coupons offered through the year. From yearly access to lifetime access, Elegant themes always have a deal going on to make website building a rewarding experience. It all depends on what the website is being used for and who is making it. By looking over options and finding a price point that fits the budget, the ease of building a website has never been as simple as this.

If a business is looking for added help and enhancements when it comes to making the website that is going to attract customers, Divi is the correct option. For those who are only just beginning to learn how to pull a business together with a webpage and even those who know what they are doing, Divi is the choice.

Looking for an easy way to get that webpage done is never an easy decision or choice to make. It can be full of complications and difficult decisions that don’t always look the way the builder needs them to. With Divi, those options are right at the click of a mouse. With the benefits that are out there for the holidays, why not take advantage of them?

Explore Divi and get to know the Editor. The improvement in your business will come along with that webpage that is well designed and ready to be seen.

About the Divi Theme

Do you find WordPress confusing, hard to grasp, or otherwise not user-friendly? If you want to spend less time figuring out the intricacies of WordPress, you’ve found the right product.

The Divi Theme elevates the WordPress experience for users. While it is a theme, it also revolutionizes the way that you use WordPress. It serves as a fresh website building platform. It replaces the way that you normally edit posts with WordPress.

The Divi Theme offers users a superior visual editor. It’s simple to use and saves a lot of time when it comes to editing and creating new content for your website. With it, both novices and professionals can easily create stunning designs for visitors on their site.

Who is the Divi Theme Specifically For?

As mentioned above, the Divi Theme is for website builders of all skill levels. Read on to learn more about who specifically can benefit from this versatile WordPress theme:

Website Owners

If you’re a website owner, you can use Divi to turn your vision into a reality. No matter if it’s for your personal hobby, part-time side gig, or full-time source of income, Divi helps you create a stunning and unique website that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.


Freelancers have it hard. You have to cater to clients’ needs and constantly seek out new work. If you work for yourself rather than a company, Divi can simplify your workday. You can build multiple websites on a single platform instead of juggling a bunch of different themes.

Make your clients happy and increase your efficiency with Divi!


Above all, Divi makes website-building more efficient. It fosters team collaboration and streamlines the entire design process. With one single membership with a Divi discount code, you can build an unlimited number of websites for hundreds of clients. There are no hidden fees for additional websites, so you can take on new clients as you please.

What Specific Actions Can I Perform with the Divi Theme?

If you think Divi sounds promising, we’re here to tell you everything that you can do with this innovative theme.

Responsively Edit

By its nature, Divi gives you complete control when it comes to editing. As a website owner or editor, you can tailor each design setting on each mobile device. You’ll be able to perfect the appearance of your site on smartphones, computers, and tablets. All visitors to your site will enjoy a great user experience thanks to Divi.

Utilize Different Fonts and Text Styling

Divi offers a complete range of font and text options. While Divi used to offer an impressive 200 fonts to users, the theme has recently expanded to include 600 more! You can search for regularly used fonts and request updates when new ones are added. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no obligation to keep Divi once you purchase the theme if you find that it does not suit you.
With Divi, your options are truly endless. Keep things simple with a font like Oswald for captions and headers. Or, give your website an elegant vibe with something like Raleway. Divi lets you upload and manage custom fonts within the website builder, so you never have to leave or refresh the page.
Customize elements like line-height, text size, and letter spacing. You can alter other factors like:

  • Font weights
  • Text styling
  • Blockquotes
  • Lists
  • Anchor links

Customize Headings

It’s imperative that you make your website easy to read for visitors. Divi lets you create custom design styles for H1-H6 headings. It makes the process of organizing your website less confusing, and visitors will appreciate a layout that’s easy on the eyes.

Add Shape Dividers

Looking to add a little extra flair to your site? Divi lets you add custom effects and shapes to your pages. Create lively transitions between chunks of content. Website builders use Divi to place shape dividers above and below each section of a page. This allows users to effortlessly transition and absorb each part of your website’s pages.
Enhance your site’s organization even more with robust border options. You can create rounded or squared corners, alter border sizes, and create a unique look by individually editing each edge of your border.

Make More Advanced Edits Gone are the days where you have to use programs like Sketch and Photoshop to make advanced edits. Divi lets you perform the following actions within its interface:

  • Move elements around
  • Rotate them on a 3D axis
  • Scale them up and down
  • Skew their origin

Make Intricate Code Edits

If you have an elevated knowledge of code, you’ll love how Divi lets you make advanced code edits! It makes writing and editing code a more enjoyable experience. Even if you’re just trying to learn the ins and outs of coding, Divi is a great place to practice and implement what you’ve learned.

Some popular features that users love include:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Search
  • Find and replace
  • Color picking
  • Multi-line select
  • Error reporting
  • Auto-complete

Incorporate Filters and Effects

Alter the appearance of any element on your pages with filters and effects like:

  • Opacity
  • Sepia
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Invert
  • Blur
  • Saturation
  • Hue

Divi also has background blend modes that help you create unique designs.

Create a Sense of Depth

With Divi, you can make custom drop shadows. Alter their color, intensity, size, and position to achieve the look you want. There’s no need to fiddle with outside graphic design programs: you can create a 3D experience inside of Divi!
You can also create a sense of depth using text shadows. Use Divi’s presets to apply text shadows or create your own.

Include Animations

If you want to give your site an additional “wow” factor, use animations offered by this builder’s preset options. Some users like to build their own and customize the animation speed, type, and direction. As visitors scroll through your site, they’ll be captivated by impressive animations that activate when they reach certain parts of your pages.

Perfect Background Images

Even though these elements aren’t front and center, they are nonetheless important. You want your site to look as coherent as possible. You can do so by applying a custom background:

  • Colors
  • Gradients
  • Images
  • Videos

Feel free to merge colors and images to create a unique visual experience. Incorporate your brand’s colors and implement a theme that audiences can get behind.

We love using Divi to create fun overlapping image effects. Users also enjoy using the background blend modes to make customized content.

What if I’m Not Confident Starting from Scratch?

Not everyone has the perfect vision for their site in mind. The creators behind the Divi Theme understand this! They cater to those who are unsure of the final design they want for their site.

There are over 800 pre-made templates to choose from. While these are pre-made, they aren’t overly standardized. There are templates available for the following niches:

  • Art and design
  • Events
  • Beauty
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Education
  • Food and drink
  • Community and non-profit

If none of these match the nature of your business or vision, there are some simple templates to choose from.

With a variety of options, you are guaranteed to create a website that captures what your business is all about. Visitors will appreciate a website that clearly conveys what you’re all about. This can be difficult to pull off with the standard WordPress editor. However, you can seamlessly accomplish this feat with the Divi Theme!

What Abilities Do Divi Theme Users Enjoy?

Divi offers an exceptional level of efficiency. Here are just a few of our favorite ways that Divi saves time:

    • Find and replace styles. If you have had a sudden change of heart for your site’s design, there’s no need to spend hours editing individual sections. Use the find and replace feature to change fonts and colors in specific locations or across an entire page.
    • Multi-select and bulk editing. Press Ctrl or Cmd and click your mouse to select several elements simultaneously. From there, you can edit and move them as a group, saving you a lot of time spent in front of the computer.
    • Filterable settings. Never get stuck with searching for a setting you need again. Divi allows you to narrow search results so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, like modified or hover styles.
    • Keyboard shortcuts. When you have a lot of work on your plate, sometimes clicking a mouse doesn’t get the job done. Divi contains a full range of keyboard shortcuts. These are normally implemented by more advanced users, but anyone can use them to speed up the pace of their work.
    • Drag and drop uploading. Gone are the days of relying on the WordPress media library. Simply drag and drop media files directly onto the page you’re working on! These files will instantly upload and be ready for you to manipulate.
    • Magic color manager. Divi is incredibly smart. It remembers the colors you have recently used and stores them so you can access your palette later. Unsure of what colors will fit with your current pages? Divi uses advanced color theory to create a custom color palette filled with suggestions.

Are There Marketing Advantages?

A lot of people use Divi to build their site. However, this WordPress theme goes far beyond website design. Learn about some of Divi’s specific tools designed to help you reach your audience.

Email Opt-in Provider Support

In addition to designing your website, Divi also lets you build your email marketing lists. You can build these lists on most platforms. Create custom fields so you can collect all of the customer information that you need.


Take advantage of the insights that Divi offers. If you’re torn over which stylistic choice to go with, you can test different designs against each other with Divi’s split-testing. Select specific goals to learn how each design performs so you can make an informed decision for your site.


Create transparent sales pages for your services or products. Your customers will always know how much your services cost with a clear and organized template.

Contact Form Building

Make sure your visitors have a reliable way to reach you! Divi’s feature-packed contact form builder lets you create custom form fields. You can display or hide input fields as needed and style each input separately.

How is Safety Incorporated?

Building a website, especially under time constraints, can be stressful. You want to ensure you meet a client’s specifications and create a functional, stunning final product.

Divi eliminates unnecessary stress with its safety features:

      • It saves your progress. With Divi, you get access to autosaves and browser backups. Feel free to redo, undo, and revisit revisions with no issues.
      • It lets you freely move elements. Save, export, and import layouts or elements into the Divi Library. Access and edit them at any time.

Divi’s Theme Builder

You don’t want your website to look like it was designed by several people. You want it to be as cohesive as possible. Ideally, it will have an underlying theme that will look presentable and professional to all of your visitors. Divi’s Visual Builder serves this purpose.

How Does the Divi Theme Contribute to the Organization of My Site?

A well-managed site is essential to the organization and success of your business or other venture. Divi helps you stay on top of this with the following features:

System Status Checkup

The System Status checkup lets you:

  • Enable remote access and receive technical support
  • Browse documentation
  • Turn on the Safe Mode to get around conflicts with other programs

User Customization

Set custom user permissions and roles. You can do so for both your team and clients. It’s perfect for limiting a client’s ability to change your design while still letting them alter text content.

Easy Theme Setup

Divi comes with seemingly infinite theme customization settings and theme options. Manage them all within the Divi Theme Options dashboard.

How Global is the Divi Theme?

Divi translates front-end elements, descriptions, and form fields into 32 languages, which is great for working with international clients and team members.

What if I Get Stuck?

If you get stuck at any point in the website-building process, Divi is ready to step in. The innovative support center makes it easy to get in touch with a team member and resolve any issues that you may encounter.

Is the Divi Theme Worth It?

For one price, you can power your entire team, business, and website with a single license. There are over 600,000 satisfied users of the Divi Theme.

This product has been tried and tested, so why not try it out for yourself? There are multiple Divi Theme discount codes out there, so be sure to obtain one before finalizing your purchase.

Count on the 30-Day Guarantee

If you’re still not convinced, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase this product.

Enjoy peace of mind in case the product ends up not meeting your business’s needs – although we’re confident that it will!

Buy and download theme

Over 550,000 users have already decided to use the Divi WordPress theme, according to the developers. The Divi Theme can only be purchased as a membership, directly from homepage. This includes the download of Divi, 86 other WordPress themes (e.g. the extra theme) and 3 WordPress plugins. There are two different pricing models available.

The pricing model for Divi: Annual or one time payment

You have the choice to buy Divi together with the additions either annually or in the form of a one-time payment. The annual package costs $ 89 a year, and the lifetime membership is available as a one-off payment for $ 249. The membership fee includes unlimited use of all products on any number of websites, as previously described. Every update of the theme is also included. So the template is also ideal for freelancers or agencies who want to use the Divi Theme for customers.

Tip: Currently there is a divi discount. Customers can save up to 20% on their purchase on both the annual and the one-time payments. A discount code is not necessary – just go to the page here and the price will be discounted by 20%.

30-day money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the Page Builder or other products from Elegant Themes after your purchase, you can rely on the 30-day money back guarantee. They refund your purchase within a short timeframe. If you need help setting up the premium theme, you will find a tutorial on the developer’s website. By means of these instructions, even a layman should be able to quickly and easily design an appealing website.

New Divi Update 2020

Update 4.0: The new Divi Theme Builder brings useful features with it.

It took a long time, but in October last year it finally happened: Nick Roach, the founder of Elegant Themes, has at last announced the release of the long-awaited update to Divi 4.0.

The new version is now available for all buyers of the popular template and includes the useful Divi Theme Builder. New buyers will continue to pay the normal price as before.

Tip: Layouts for the theme

To simplify the use of the theme and help customers to create a website, Elegant Themes regularly publishes various layout packs on the blog. Some of these layouts are also part of the integrated pagebuilder and can be imported directly into the back-end. These each contain a variety of designs, such as ready-made templates. These then only have to be filled with their own content and used directly.


As part of my work as a WordPress Freelancer and in an agency specializing in WordPress, of course, I have also had experience with the popular WordPress design. Not only do I create simple blogs and websites for smaller companies here with Divi, but I’m also very familiar with using it with WooCommerce.

Save up to $ 50 now!

$ 89 is a totally acceptable price for the theme, in my opinion. With this trick, however, the price of the WordPress theme, including the add-ons, can still be reduced. With the following link you can get a discount on the annual and one-time prices!

One of the biggest advantages of the theme is certainly the variety of setting options. Almost every idea can be implemented with the design and the page builder. The theme is also great in terms of search engine optimization, even if the large options and features, of course, mean that the loading time can suffer a little.


  • attractive design and modern layouts
  • compatible with WordPress 5.0
  • easy to translate
  • an incredible number of ways to customize your own website
  • extensive page builder included
  • simple and largely self-explanatory functionality
  • SEO-optimized structure
  • compatibility with WooCommerce
  • well-known theme author with good support (including regular updates and helpful tutorials)
  • vast community and add-ons, child themes, extensions, …)


  • priced slightly higher than other themes
  • opportunities can overwhelm you quickly
  • makes it difficult if you want to change to a different theme with your own page builder later

All things considered, I can recommend the Divi Theme for both beginners and advanced users in the world of the popular content management system WordPress. In order to create a chic, modern website that is also optimized for mobile devices, it hardly requires any deep knowledge (e.g. web development). Such a website is created in a few clicks.